Cabinet Door Styles

Tru-Facers offers every imaginable cabinet door style. With thousands of color, profile and material combinations, we have a cabinet door for every taste and budget.

When choosing the cabinet doors that are right for you, a quick way to narrow down your choice is to consider these 3 factors:

1) Profile

The most basic decision is the style you want for your kitchen, and that is mostly expressed through the profile of your cabinet door.

The 3 most popular styles are:

    1) Raised Panel – This is the most “traditional” style of cabinet door. A raised center panel with     detailed edging. Often times, a decorative molding, beading or roping is applied.

    2) Recessed Panel – This style of door is commonly referred to as “Shaker” style. These doors     have a flat center panel and not as many intricate edges, although moldings or beadings are     sometimes applied.

    3) Flat Panel – These are sometimes referred to as “Slab” doors or “Euro” doors. They are very     simple and modern.

**Please Note: Glass inserts are available for almost any door profile offered!**

2) Material

Most of the profiles we offer are available in different materials. The 3 most popular materials are:

    1) Wood – Our doors come in many different species of wood, from maple to alder to birch and     cherry. All are available to be finished in a wide variety of stains or paints.

    2) Rigid ThermoFoil – These doors are more moderately priced and more durable than wood     doors. These doors are easy to clean and maintain and carry a 10 year warranty against any     defect to its finish. These doors come in many different flat and glossy solid colors as well as     very realistic wood grains and even more exotic finishes such as faux leather and snake skin!

    3) Laminate – Laminate doors are the most economical doors we carry. While they are only     available in the flat panel profile, there are hundreds of colors to choose from.

3) Finish

Once you decide the material and profile you like, you can now choose the color that best matches your vision. We offer many different natural finishes and stains for our wood doors and hundreds of different colors in our ThermoFoil and laminate doors. We also offer MDF wood doors that can be painted with any available Benjamin Moore color.

Below is just a sample of the door profiles we offer:


We now carry a full line of solid stainless steel doors as well as stainless and aluminum framed glass doors