Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices? How much does refacing cost?

While refacing is substantially cheaper than a full kitchen renovation, the pricing varies widely based on a number of factors such as:
- The number of doors
- The size of the doors
- The material of the doors (solid wood, thermofoil, etc)
- The profile and finish of the doors (flat panel or raised panel, paint or stain, type of laminate,    glossy or matte finish)
- The area of cabinets that has to be re-laminated (enclosed refrigerator cabinets, sides of island    counters, etc)

Do I get a warranty on my kitchen?

Yes. All of our thermofoil doors come with a 10 year guarantee.

How can I get an estimate to reface my cabinets?

Tru-Facers provides FREE in-home estimates at times that are most convenient to you. We are available morning, noon and night, weekdays and weekends. To schedule your free in-home consultation click HERE.

Are you licensed/insured?

Certainly. We are fully licensed and insured and provide full proof to every building we work in. Working in NYC for so many years has left most property managers familiar with us and the approval process is generally a short one.

How long does it take to start a job?

Once we take the final measurements, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to get your doors manufactured. Once we have all of your material together, we contact you to schedule your job.

How long does the job take?

It generally takes 3-4 days on average to complete your kitchen project. Allow for an extra day or two if we are installing all new cabinets or doing extra work such as a new floor.

Do I have to remove everything from my cabinets before you reface?

It is highly recommended to remove everything from the cabinets to so our worker can work free of any obstacles and so that your food dishware can remain free of any dust that the job might create.

Who does the work?

All work is performed by our own in-house crews (a crew is usually 2 workers) WE NEVER USE SUB-CONTRACTORS. All work is supervised by our installation manager, who is the one that that comes to take the final measurements.

What about the inside of my cabinets?

The inside of your cabinets are usually spared the wear and tear of the exterior, and are rarely seen. The savings in refacing comes from leaving the insides as they are. Most of the time any wear can be hidden away with some shelf paper, or in extreme circumstances we can replace warped or sagging shelves.

What other services do you offer?

Besides refacing. we are a full service kitchen contracting company that does complete kitchen renovations, as well as smaller services such as tile flooring, back splashes, bathroom tiling, and counter tops. We offer all of these services individually or in packages for greater savings.

Can you build me a new cabinet while refacing?

Sure. Sometimes a customer wants to make a minor adjustment to the kitchen layout or needs a different sized cabinet to accommodate a new sized appliance (such as a new, taller refrigerator). We can seamlessly integrate new cabinets into your kitchen.

I just want to paint my doors. Is that something you do?

No. That is what's referred to as resurfacing a door. Properly resurfacing a door involves sandblasting the old finish off, then priming and re-finishing the doors. This has to be done off site, and involves removing the doors (and cabinets!). This process can be far more expensive than refacing, and is more commonly done for restoration work.